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Background on Peterstow Aquapower Swaziland (PTY) Ltd

“Major South African mining companies are excited about this new environmentally friendly and more efficient drilling technology, available immediately from Peterstow Aquapower. It can revolutionise the South African gold and platinum mines that currently use compressed air, and other handheld drills, with two leading mining houses already at advanced stages of evaluating the technology as a precursor to possible introduction to their mines.” [22 International Mining DECEMBER 2010]

Peterstow Aquapower developed and patented a unique Rock Drill using a closed-loop water hydraulic system. The drill was designed for use in hard rock mining operations and by significantly reducing both electricity and water consumption, the system was poised to transform the working conditions in mines, with its developer (Douglas Barrow) believing this revolutionary technology to be the most significant advancement in the mining industry in over half a century.

The technology is said to optimise the use of resources and drastically increase efficiency in the mining technology space, reducing the costs of equipping mines by half, as it eliminates the need for air compressors and other costly equipment typically used in mining. In 2010 Peterstow won the 2010 Mining Magazine Awards by being voted the most exciting innovation in the Underground Mining (Hard Rock).

In 2008 Peterstow Aquapower set up a world class, state-of-the-art factory in Ngwenya, Swaziland, to produce the drill and employed over 100 staff members to run its operation. The factory was equipped with cutting edge CNC manufacturing and tooling technology, complemented with high-end engineering design software and quality control systems. A training room, furnished with simulation systems was also set up to ensure the quality training of staff – most of whom were Swazi nationals. The company also spared no costs in furnishing its offices and boardrooms with high quality furniture and office automation equipment (printers, projectors, photocopiers and much more). Records from the high court indicate that during its operation, Peterstow Swaziland received funding well in excess of E320million from its holding company, Peterstow Holding Ltd (based in Mauritius) to operationalise the factory.

A series of challenges such as labour unrest and economic changes in the South African mining industry, where most of the Peterstow products were to be sold, are said to have significantly impacted the business, and in 2012, Peterstow Aquapower Swaziland was placed into liquidation.

Following this unfortunate end result Liyandza opted to purchase the factory with the intention of either resuscitating it or inviting other engineering/manufacturing firms to purchase and use the factory. As the world class CNC machinery is capable of producing high volume precision components for a wide variety of industries, Liyandza hereby seeks to form strategic alliances to exploit this unique opportunity.

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