Liyandza - Engineering and Manufacturing investment opportunity in Swaziland
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Land & Improvements

The property comprises a 10 hectare, partly developed bulk industrial stand adjacent to the factory. The land has been engineered with 3 industrial platforms and 3 partially completed warehouses. The total platform area is 39000m2 (3,9 hectares). All platforms are compacted and banked with constructed stormwater run-offs. The property as it stands contains 3 partly built structures, with approximately 60% of the construction value having been completed. What remains is the floors, cladding, electrical and finishes.

The first warehouse comprises a completed steel portal frame built in 14 portals rising to 6 metre eaves height, bolted to footings and braced at both ends. Roof lattice steelwork is erected and the building measures 1300 m2.

The second warehouse comprises a lofty, 8 metre high steel portal frame structure built across two spans and 22 frames, braced at the ends, and designed with monitor roof profile with provision for north/south lights. The centre support is by 6 x 800mm diameter reinforced concrete columns. The roof pitch has been clad in blue chromadeck. The building has an outer concrete footing with an approximate 80% completed brick dado wall to 1 m high, plus approximately 250 m2 of 2 metre high internal brickwork laid for future ablutions.

The building measures 6175 m2.

The third warehouse has the identical specification to warehouse no 2. Building works include the same steel and roof superstructure and outer footings, but exclude any cladding or internal brickwork.

The site is fully fenced in diamond mesh to 3 metres with razor wire topping and concrete posts.

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