Liyandza - Engineering and Manufacturing investment opportunity in Swaziland
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Executive Summary

Liyandza has recently purchased a fully equipped, world class, high precision production factory, located on a 32 acre site in Ngwenya, Swaziland. The factory was established in 2008 to develop the Peterstow patented, energy efficient, drilling system for global gold and platinum group metal mining markets.

Following the liquidation of Peterstow Swaziland however, Liyandza has since taken ownership of the factory and hereby seeks to partner with a reputable engineering/manufacturing firm that wishes to set up their operations in Swaziland, taking advantage of Swaziland’s:

attractive tax benefits,
• cost effective skilled labour market,
• world class road and telecommunications infrastructure, and
• easy access to EU,SADC, Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet COMESA and South African markets.

The factory is fully equipped and ready use.

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Executive Summary

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